Landlords can save over $300K per year in energy costs by operating HVAC systems with more precision.

Cortex arms your team with the software to do that.


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Make Sense of Your Building Data

Office buildings collect over 1M data points every day across siloed systems like the BMS, meters and more. Most of that is thrown away.

Cortex layers on top of of these systems and brings clarity to this overwhelming amount of data for you. We use data mining to translate unused information into tangible value for your building.

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Get the Real-Time Insights You Deserve

Today's Building Management Systems give you control over your complex HVAC system, but not insight into how you should be operating it - a steering wheel without a map.

Our platform learns how your systems have responded under different conditions in the past, so we can provide real-time support and system recommendations for the future - from startup, to shut-down, and everything in between.

  • Begin start-up sequence at 6:00am.
  • Space temperature is above target for Tenant A: AHU 2.
  • At 4:45pm drop the static pressure set points by 25%
  • You're close to creating a new electric demand peak for the month.

Increase NOI, Asset Value & Sustainability

Landlords are facing growing pressure to maximize NOI and meet sustainability expectations from tenants and investors.

Buildings using our platform are saving more than $300k per year, increasing asset value by millions of dollars, and reducing energy consumption over 10%. In the process, they're increasing their Energy Star Score and gaining LEED points.


A Truly Mobile Platform

We're not just another energy software tool. Buildings using Cortex rely on our platform 5-10x / day. That's because our approach is fundamentally different—we put engineers and their needs first, and we know that means moving with you. With Cortex you know what your building is doing wherever you are.

We also know you're tired of navigating complicated systems, so we handle the complexity for you. You just get simple insights in the palm of your hand through a tool that's easy to use from Day 1.

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  • Morning Start Recommendations

    We’ll let you know the ideal time to start-up your chiller and fans tomorrow, based on how your building responded under similar past conditions.

  • Notes

    Let others on the team know if there was an equipment failure, hot / cold compliant, construction, etc.

  • Intuitive Charting

    Look at space temperature, energy consumption, or any other BMS data, today or last month, all updated real- time.

  • Afternoon Coasting

    You don’t need to run your systems full-throttle through the afternoon, we help you coast, save, and keep tenants happy.

  • Demand Alerts

    Get notified when you’re about to increase your demand charges, so you can pull back on systems and save thousands.

  • PDF Chart Export

    Share any chart with your team through a single click.


Cortex is used by some of the most well-
respected portfolios in the industry.

  • This is what we’ve been asking for from the market for years now.

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